Patriotic Melody for India and Pakistan: By Khuzaifa Javed

Patriotic Melody for India and Pakistan: By Khuzaifa Javed

Sitting in my cosy bed, surrounded by the comfortable environment of my hostel room, I came across a melodious patriotic song played in the background dedicated to Pakistani martyrs.

Listening to it, I realized I was brainwashed with hatred of the country across the border who is the reason behind all tragedy.

I searched YouTube to get the actual video of that song and to my surprise that patriotic song was from a highly anticipated movie of Bollywood, India. I was astonished to find the same song, same wording , same composition and same melody can turn on feelings of patriotism for one country and extreme hatred for our most favourite enemy.

I wondered from where this hatred had found a place in every tiny drop of my blood?

And then I found the answer to the question. I recalled my Pakistan Studies teacher telling me how India did not give the deserving amount of money to us after separation. How Indians killed helpless Muslims migrating towards their well deserved beloved land. I am completely certain some girl on the opposite side of the border had been fed up with the same hatred.

We people on both sides of the border have never got the chance to know unbiased history. There is nothing black and white in this imperfect world. But both countries can stop being more greyer.

If moral and ethical dimensions are different on nation levels then why individuals do care to follow these illusions?

At this time it is really easy for both countries to hate each other because there are endless reasons. Let’s step into difficult sides stop hating each other there are also numerous reasons for it. Let’s stop telling your children biased history, stop producing puppets stuffed with hatred and extremism.

Pakistan India cricket match can be more fun if both countries stop punishing people celebrating others win. At this time of the world seeking harmony and regional economic balance, it is immature to root hatred for your neighbour countries in your future generations.


Wagah Border India Pakistan

Wagah Border India Pakistan



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