Old school friends: Poem by Elsa Ish

Old school friends: Poem by Elsa Ish


Cheers I heard when entered in class oh,
Mily catch ma attention with innocent flaws oh,
Bell ringing break time bickering friends all time,
Cute winter checks like marshmallows glows oh,
Just my old school with a lot of childness blows oh.


Mily left Aina hold like beautiful dream oh,
Hating study joyful canteen like mellow-drama oh,
Worse then thought I do live in that time oh,
I grow older and older for dope like grace oh,
Just creating own way to bring happiness with friends oh.


Worse time I am in but she entered like future oh,
Wiping my tears fighting for me fell down then she hold me,
Headache in ma head she break it with smile oh,
Crackhead mind, quitting lesson, movies talk, songs Vibes oh,
Just I found my twin soulmate anna for elsa oh.


Bunch of friends I found in my life “pure wealthy love”,
Still in my heart like 12 pieces incomplete in pizza oh,
Oh merry jerry Anni said can u hear the rush of voice oh,
I save one flower when like kid o in ma book oh,
Years left still remind me beautiful days with friends oh



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