Obscurity: Poem by Muhammad Saqib

Obscurity: English poem by Muhammad Saqib [Saaqii]


And I sometimes feel that
I am lost in the fantasy

Where everyone’s real identity is cloaked behind their bogus smile,
Where everyone through thick and thin pretend to depict himself contented,
Where the name and fame count more than the truth and honesty,
Where respect has become a condition to be respected back,
Where salvation is just a cliche,
Where depression haunts,
Where lust overtook the love,
Where luxurious matter more than scrupulous,
Where infidelity shatters innocence,
Where, what they will think is opined more than what I love,
Where motivation is rare, degradation is there.
Where divinity is lost, luxurious are chased.
Where everyone is hurry to win,
Where acceptance is hard to be applied,

And yet men’s constant endeavours never halt.

–  Muhammad Saqib


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