Mother Daughter relationship: Article by Kate Jutt

Mothers are those who know the burning desires of our hearts, who understand that our hearts burn for someone who doesn’t care about us. They are the ones who love us unconditionally and are willing to sacrifice for our happiness. Only mothers are the real best friends of their daughters. They do their very best to protect us from the brutalities of this world. They work for us day and night, taking care of our needs, cooking our favorite food, buying us proper dresses, and allowing us to do everything that will not lead to our destruction. They know that only they can make us feel like princesses because they are always worried and afraid about our future.

In this part of the land where I live , the major issue in a mother’s life is her daughter’s happiness. They know they have to protect us from the lust of men, bad girls, bad relationships, and prepare us for the day when we have to be wives and take care of a family where no one will take care of our needs, and where our in-laws will treat us like servants. When a girl opens her eyes in a family, her mother starts worrying about making her dowry. Why is it so? Why is our society like this? Why does a mother have to worry about how her daughter will be treated in her in-law family, and why is her husband her grave concern until her last breath? Why is our society so toxic? Our Quran has given girls the right to be loved and treated properly by their husbands, so why does no one follow that teaching? Why do so many women get divorced, and why do men become so wild that they destroy women’s lives, stain their character before marriage, blackmail them after marriage, and abuse and use them after marriage? Why do girls have to take care of their family? Why do girls have to take care of their mothers and sisters? She is not a servant of your family; she was a princess when you married her! Who are these people who force their sons to abuse their wives? Are they even human beings? Who are these old aunts who tell a girl to her face that she is black or short, and that if someone is going to marry her, she should be thankful and serve his mother properly, wear this, wear that, look bright, look pale, and white? What the hell! This family system is so toxic!
Boys should be able to take care of themselves as girls do. They should cook for themselves, love their wives, not abuse them emotionally or psychologically. Allah has made girls fragile creatures who are meant to be loved, respected, and treated like queens. Let them love you, not serve you. Never let your life partner be afraid of your mood swings and temper. Be kind and gentle to them and treat them as beautifully and lovingly as you want your sisters to be treated by their husbands. Ask your mother to be kind to them, as they are kind towards their daughters. Spread love and kindness, and don’t be brutal. Never forget that karma is real, and one day you will have a daughter, and you will be so helpless and hopeless when she is treated badly in her in-law family. Make your wife the queen of your house, and your sister and daughters will be the queens of their houses. Be gentle and kind to them, take care of their physical, emotional, and material needs, love them like a child, and your life will be more beautiful than jannat. They will even sacrifice their life for you. Don’t make someone’s parents unhappy because of your behavior towards their daughter. If they are marrying her to you, make them proud of their decision, and try to make life easy in this toxic society

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