Might Soldier: English Poem by Elsa Ish

Might Soldier: English Poem by Elsa Ish

The Hardest conflict is waiting,
The worst enemy is here for greeting,
Mom’s might boy entered in tough war,
Without knowing nightmare is coming far,

Blood who supposed to flow in ma veins,
Burst out because of overload flux rate,
Blood just hug me like u ma mom,
In rush of emotions I left ma soul mom,
Don’t be afraid I knocked the heavens door,
In hell my enemy fell, in heaven I fell,


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Isn’t good to hear I left the rush behind,
I sacrifice for those who have son like me,
For those who have family like me,
Don’t cry your might boy is not strong for you,

With courage I made, see I knock the door Mom,
I slayed the enemies like worm in field,
You must be proud I save your home my mom,
In hell fire just memories left their existence,
I give ma blood now its a victory my land,
Now waiting in heaven’s door like a ma dream mom




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