How to Keep BBC iPlayer downloads forever [no more expiry after 30 days!]


                          GetJPIayer – Keep BBC iPlayer Programs Forever


GetJPIayer is our Editor’s choice for downloading BBC shows to keep for as long as you want. BBC iPlayer Official App has a 30 day limitation, meaning all downloads automatically expire after 30 days and there is no option to keep them forever. GetJPIayer removes such expiry and is a notch above all other apps including BBC’s own iPlayer Downloads app in terms of User Interface and App Speed.


GetJPIayer has a strange resemlance to our dear old Winam, which after decades still works perfectly.


Some people are dicouraged by GetJPIayer by its ambigous and command-line interface. For a friendlier view, user can launch the Web PVR Manager from the Start menu (or from the Setup Wizard). Once done, user can search for a programme to download or paste its web address from the iPlayer website.  The, Click Record Button and the show will be saved in DRM-free MP4 format which user can view in any media player such as VLC or Windows Media. Pls note that GetJPIayer no longer works in Windows XP or Vista.


Download GetJPIayer with Instruction here. 





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