5 Best Websites for Online Earning in Pakistan – By Hira Munir

5 Best Websites for Online Earning in Pakistan by Freelancing – By Hira Munir

The trend of online earning in Pakistan started in the Pandemic of Covid 19 in 2019. Before the covid, a few people knew about online earning but after this disease spread People were stuck in their homes. People were doing business online, students took their online classes and then new ideas about money-making come to mind. Freelancing websites start exploring by educated People.

There are some online earning ideas in Pakistan:


Anyone who has the basic knowledge of Computer operation and the Internet can work on Fiverr. Fiverr is a platform where need to create a gig to sell the services and with the passage of time polish your skills and learn new techniques and also apply them.


Freelancer is the other website where many jobs are posted daily. Freelancers can bid on projects which are related to their skills to create a portfolio for better ranking and much chance to win the project.


This is the biggest online earning platform where many freelancers work from around the world. A lot of jobs are also posted on Upwork. We just need to write a comprehensive and eye-catching proposal to win the job because many freelancers send job proposals but clients select a good proposal/ cover letter with an impressive portfolio.


Amazon is the biggest business platform where people are earning in Lacs. People sell their products on Amazon and those who do have not to own products are working with business owners as virtual assistants. Anyone can earn from amazon but there is a need to learn about amazon sellers or virtual assistance. This is the platform where no one can succeed without learning. Amazon is a global business platform where millions of people sell and buy every day and a lot of profit can earn.


Daraz is a similar platform to amazon both platforms are for selling and buying goods. But Daraz is only for Pakistanis, any Pakistani person can sell goods on daraz and get orders from the national level. This platform has many positive results also, some people who are only working on Daraz earn a lot of money.


To conclude the whole discussion of online earning in Pakistan these above are the main and largest platforms. Last but not least many other methods of online earning like Affiliate Marketing, Content writing, SEO, Online tutoring, making youtube channels, etc. These methods of earning are especially very useful for females.

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