Feasibility Report for Business: Islamabad Medical and Dental College

Feasibility Report for Business: Islamabad Medical and Dental College

Unique Selling Point of Kuality Consultants

We at quality consultants offer you an unmatched deal that no other company can offer. The unique selling point of quality consultants is that they offer competitive services at reasonable rates and attractive prices. The focus of attention in our company has always been the customer and we try our utmost to satisfy the services of the customer. The services that we offer to our valued customers compared to other agencies like Interflow. Since our agency is new and we want to establish a sound customer base, our objective will be satisfy the needs and wants of our esteemed clients. For this purpose, we will only operate on cost to cost basis so that the goodwill and the trust of the customer is obtained.


What Kuality Consultants can do for Your Organization?


The first and the foremost question that will come to your mind will be what we can do for your company. Well, by hiring Kuality Consultants as your agency, you can accrue a large number of benefits and advantages that are unmatched and not offered by any company.


Developing and Attracting the Client base


The most competitive advantage that Kuality Consultants can offer is the qualified and the trained personnel force at its disposal. Presently, we have hired Fifty MBA’s from the most prestigious and reputed business school in Pakistan, i.e. Institute of Business Administration. We offer to our customers a dedicated and unique sale force that will leave no stone unturned in marketing the activities of the clients. Clients will enjoy the benefits of individual and personalized services that are not available from any other consulting agency.


Contact with Customers: Personal Selling

Our dedicated sales force team will visit Medical Colleges all over Pakistan extensively as well as abroad to talk to potential candidates and apprise them about the facilities offered at Islamabad Medical and Dental College (IMDC). The College already supports a wide variety of students from diverse communities like U.S.A, Bahrain. Kuwait. Oman and Palestine. The sales force will visit these cities in addition to the Pakistani cities to attract students and apprise them about the facilities being offered at IMDC. The trips will be made at the expense of the company.


Our Presenters will hold in house presentations and extensive sessions at different Colleges. The mode of imparting information will be developed along the same lines as used by LUMS, IBA, GIK and FAST to attract the student population. Presentations will be shown on multimedia in which the facilities available at IMDC will be exonerated. The students will be given a guided tour of the College and the facilities that it offers and the bright future that it holds for them. A question and answer session will be arranged after each session to clarify the doubts being faced by the students.



Specifically Targeted Population- Colleges offering “O” and “A” Levels



The niche marketing of IMDC will be concentrated on the Colleges that offer “O” and “A” level respectively. The trend has emerged among students, especially the one studying in English medium schools to do their “O” and “ A” level respectively. These Colleges attract students mainly from the elite and the upper classes of the society belonging to the upper strata. The students in these Colleges either want to go abroad, or they target Aga- Khan as their primary choice.


Students studying in these Colleges can be made aware of IMDC. Presentations can be made to these Colleges that will convince the students that IMDC is the best choice available to them.


Many girls opt for pre-medical subjects in their ““ levels. The parents of these girls are reluctant to send them abroad or to Aga- khan in Karachi because of violence and other issues. IMDC because of its unique location and serene surroundings offer these girls an opportunity to continue their education in an excellent academic environment. The quality of students at IMDC will improve tremendously and will further establish its credentials as an excellent institution that offers much more to its students. This is the unique selling point offered by Kuality Consultants that no other agency can offer.


Kuality Consultants have exclusively highlighted the following Institutions, as it’s main target market:




  • Karachi Grammar School
  • Beacon House School
  • Avicena
  • Michael’s
  • Paints
  • City School
  • Commecs




  • Aithchison
  • Lahore College of Arts and Sciences (L.C.A.S)
  • Kenysian Institute of Management and Sciences (KIMS)
  • Lahore Grammar School ( All Branches)
  • Lahore Alma




  • Forbells
  • Bahria Institute


(All the Branches of Beacon House and City School in all the major cities have been identified as our potential target markets. Our dedicated staff will visit these schools personally and make presentations on behalf of IMDC


Print and Media Advertising


Throughout our endeavor, the focus will be on getting the maximum results and being the most cost effective in the market. The key to the campaign will be the cost leadership of Kuality Consultants. The advertisements will be done in the print media through the leading newspapers of the Country. Ads will be placed in the classified dailies of all the leading newspapers about the facilities and the benefits offered at IMDC.


Advertisements can also be shown on the PTV and other channels on prime time in which the viewership is the highest. The company can also design and place an Advertisement on the Satellite channels and network, mainly Zee TV The company can easily buy air time on these networks b using its extensive distribution channels. Because of the advent of the Cable and the Dish, viewership on these channels has increased and IMCDC can reap the benefits of this mass advertising and promotion strategy.


Highly professional and dedicated individuals that are considered the best in their field will design advertisements for Kuality Consultants. Advertisements will also be placed on the popular radio channels like FM 100 and 101 to attract potential students. They will also be encouraged to visit the Campus as it is already done in America and examine the facilities available and chat with the faculty.



Additional Facilities and Suggestions Provided by Kuality Consultants


  • Development of the Prospectus of the College. The existing Prospectus of the College is outdated and does not truly reflect the facilities that IMDC offers to its clients. The prospectus will be developed on the basis of the prospectus of Aga- Khan and other related Colleges so that students are fully aware of the facilities being offered at IMDC


  • Provision of Scholarships to deserving students. A large number of students cannot pursue high education because of the lack of Finance and other constraints. Our studies have indicated that the scholarships offered by other Medical Colleges like Aga-Khan are limited. IMDC can attract a large number of students by offering scholarships to needy and deserving students that score more than 80% in Premedical subjects or attain excellent grades in “A” levels or equivalent.


  • Decrease in the Hostel Rent. The existing Hostel rent should be reduced so that it is with par with the existing amount being charged by other medical College. The College should also focus on providing free or subsidized facilities to the students like free Transportation


  • Offer Free Computer and business courses like Oral Communication. The need in this modern era is of communicating correctly what the person requires. By teaching these Courses, IMDC will be able to develop individuals with strong and exceptional communication skills. These individual will not be Doctors only, but will function like executives in the real world.


  • Kuality Consulting can easily provide the best faculty that can teach the business and computer course at nominal cost. All the persons will be professional MBA’s in their respective fields who have the knowledge of the Industry and know the dynamics of the trade.



Cost Structure and Pricing Policy of Kuality Consultants


The flexible and the unique tariff that the company offers is unparalleled and unmatched by any other company in the market. The fees or commission proposed by the company is as follows:


  1. For Students securing 60-72 % marks 6% of the Total Revenue generated b

in the F.S.C examination                                      College


  1. For Students securing > 72 % marks in 8% of the Total Revenue

The F.S.C examination


These Cost Structures clearly determine the efficiency and the Cost Leadership of the Company. The benefits that IMDC will accrue from the partnership are innumerable.


Main Source of Marketing: Hotel Seminars


Our Company sincerely believes in the direct contact with the customers and informing them about the benefits of the College. For this purpose, we intend to hold seminars in all the major cities of Pakistan every week to facilitate in the Admission Procedures. For this purpose, the company has proposed a two pronged strategy:


  1. Arrange a Seminar and invite the Parents and the students to the seminar at Pearl Continental or Sheraton. The advantage of such an activity will be that similar functions can be held in all the cities of Pakistan on a Concurrent Basis. Similar Presentations will also be held in different Middle East Cities through the same Hotels or their associated branches. A multimedia Presentation will be given to the audience in which the features of the College will be explained to the Parents and Interested students. This will be followed by a question and answer session and a lunch will be served to all the participants at the end. This will ensure maximum turn out and foster goodwill for the College.


The expenses are as follows:


Lunch  (100 Persons @ Rs 400 Per Person + Tax)                                         Rs 55,000

Rent of Hall                                                                                                    30,000

Tea  (50 per person)                                                                                        5,000


Rs  90,000.


  1. Musical shows or any other ceremony can be arranged in which the students related exclusively to the Pre-medical back ground could be invited. IMDC can be the main sponsors of the show. The show can be with a well-known celebrity like Hadiqa Kianai or Ali Haider. These functions can be held at the pool side of PC or Sheraton. The amounts that these singers demand vary according to the status and the availability of the singer and the popularity. A popular figure attracts a large clientele and attracts maxim results. San agreement can be signed with any singer that will make him bound to the company and perform exclusively on the functions of IMDC. The estimates are given here keeping the singer Hadiqa Kiani in mind as she is extremely popular and people affiliate her with the younger generation


The expenses are tabulated as follow


Payment to Singer                                           Rs. 60,000 per Function Approximately

Pool Side Rent                                                 40,000 per event

High Tea (100 @ 150 per person)                   15,000

Rs  115,000.



Other Benefits Accruing To IMDC

Apart from the partnership and other benefits, IMDC can also benefit immensely from the services of Kuality Consultants. The Singer that performs the musical shows can be made to sign a contract in which they will perform regularly in all the events held at IMDC. A regular concert will be held in which all the students will enjoy the concert and have a good time.


This will not only promote the image of IMDC but also result in innumerable admissions for the College. This will greatly increase the revenues generated by the organization and bolster the Image of IMDC by strengthening the student body.


Hence Kuality Consultants offer a unique and unparalleled service to IMDC that will result in mutual cooperation and success for both the parties.

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