Challenges in Life: Motivational Article by Hameed Khan

Challenges in Life: Motivational Article by Hameed Khan


Work hard, face the challenges, obstacles and restrictions courageously that come to stop you from your destination, don’t lose hope, Allah almighty created us in this world where everything is available for the purpose of our life.

Success will not come immediately with out working hard, reaching your goal in your life, you must have to pass through the hurdles that come across the way you are passing, then the fruitful result of your courage will wait for you at that moment and that time will  take the place of success.

Problems, Troubles, Difficulty, Barrier, Hurdle, Stumbling Block, Termination, Set Backs, Obstacles are the Doors to Opportunities.” Make use of it.

I saw many people in my life they lost their hope, they become disappointed regarding their hurdles in life they come across, but the real thing is that one should must keep believe in hope and Allah almighty, being in tough time there always open many other options towards the way you chose.

Those who work hard, and keeping hope in himself during all the difficult and tough time bravely and courageously will must taste the sweet of success. One who face the above aforementioned challenges, obstacles and hurdles in life, and keep doing his best besides the challenges he cross would be considered as velour and hero.


The Author is a student at Government College University Lahore. He can be reached out at


Hameed Khan [Govt. College University Lahore]



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