The Flourishing Rose Garden: Poem by Shiza Saeed

The Flourishing Rose Garden: English Poem by Shiza Saeed

Seems like eyes wide opened

Hearts flourished

Life satisfyingly easy;

If not totally happy’

Though beautifully complete

That breeze touched us as dew drops on petals

The thing which is unseen, become scenery to our eyes now

The one who is nowhere, yet everywhere; everything

The life giver, the most merciful Oh our gracious Lord

Doors are open now, rose scent everywhere

You the last and the open window , a peaceful ray of light

Here’s our bare hearts , hungry for Your light our Lord

Hell is the world, so heaven is You.

Then let it be thick or thin, soft or hard

Finding You is the love ever after.

We submitted to You the roses of our rose garden,

The highest and the lowest of our lowest

Plunged into love , the love of the only absolute trueness

We, the blind beings reaching up the highest peak

Smelling the essence of Your divine beauty

Let us be Your true lovers , Lord

For there’s nothing but if only, only You.

Sufi Saint

Sufi Saint


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