Unseen Intruder: English Poem by Iqra Jamal

Unseen Intruder: English Poem by Iqra Jamal

Spherical in shape and miniature in size;
Contagious, infectious – a lethal surprise;
Malady, mortality and everlasting cries;
Sanitizing yourself is the doctor’s advice.

Sprang up in Wuhan – a microbial cell;
Assailed Europe, and Asia as well;
Fever, fatigue, and trouble in smell;
Business shut down, the employees yell.

Strengthen your immunity, take healthy diet;
Practice social distancing in the crowded sites;
Let’s be united to compete for the worldly fight;
Wearing face mask is the physician’s advice.

Quarantine, curfew – A depressing hell;
Avoid public places, everywhere it dwells,
Commerce ended up and business all fell;
People are fearful of hearing that knell.

Though, He tests His devotees with trials and sufferings;
But believers have promised of His Divine’s blessings.


Iqra Jamal is a current undergraduate student of Physical Sciences at the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Islamabad. A profound reader, writer, and poetess. Has actively participated in an online E-commerce site for reviewing and commenting on research papers related to Commerce and Marketing. Worked as a content writer in Literary societies inside and outside the NUST. 





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