Portrait of Allama Iqbal at National Portrait Gallery London

by Lady Ottoline Morrell, vintage snapshot print, January-March 1935

                                       By Lady Ottoline Morrell, vintage snapshot print, January-March 1935


National Portrait Gallery London is regarded as the world’s greatest Museum dedicated to Portraits. It hosts a wide range of artifacts, from portraits of Royal Family to digital drawings by Julian Opie. The Gallery also hosts BP Portrait Award which is considered the most revered annual portraiture competition.


The above paintings of Dr. Allama Iqbal was taken circa 1935 and belongs to the collection of Lady Ottoline Morrell. There is little information available on the whereabouts, nonetheless it is remains one of Allama Iqbal’s photos taken in his late years.


Photography of that time was quite formal from today and we don’t see much photos that depict the everyday life of people. Also photo were taken with neutral expression, hence rare to see people smiling or laughing. This photography is exception to this; as it depicts Allama is a relaxed mood with a soft smile, dressed smartly in a Sherwani and White Shalwar, leaning against a traditional chair that was weaved by hand.


Ravi Magazine will like to thanks National Portrait Gallery for allowing us to share this beautfiful photo under Creative Commons Licence. Pls consider making a donation at http://www.npg.org.uk/support/donation/general-donation.php in support of their work and the service they provide. National Portrait Gallery St Martin’s Place London WC2H OHE




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