Broken Glass! English Poem by Iqra Jamal

Broken Glass! English Poem by Iqra Jamal

Bizarrely gazing through the ward’s window-pane;
Intravenous drips along with blood clotted drains;
Ruptured & dark spotted skin with stroke in brain;
Like that Broken glass, her life seemed unsustain.

Dressed all red, bride through decorated hallway;
Gorgeous soul – indeed wished for matrimonial day;
Youthful and nurturing parents had now turned grey;
Memorizing all, she inquired – Is my life a horrendous play?

Merrily she stepped at the doorway of marital home;
Instead of intimacy, embraced with harshness and gloom;
Slandered, abused, and brutally beaten – her evil fortune;
Beauty turned ill-favoured – from highness she was dethroned.

Lord has ordained to shield her like emperor’s crown;
A Queen – peaceful during wars and bandage for wound;
“Womanly existence has painted colours all around;
It’s her melodious rap that illuminates every sound.




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