“A Letter from the Children of the World” – Poem by Aadil Farook

“A Letter from the Children of the World” – Poem by Aadil Farook

Written for an international writing contest


Dear people of every nation

Whether or not you follow a religion

We are addressing the entire civilization

Kindly read this with full consideration

What do you know about children?


children are victims


your days and nights, we enliven

Our pure innocence is God-given

Sweet candor fills our garden

Our smiles heal hearts, broken

We make virtue seem certain

Blindly, we don’t follow a fashion

Of wonder, we remain a fountain

Even our intent can’t lie hidden

Your burden, we always lighten

We may have assurance, brazen

We may have confidence, shaken

Our lives revolve around motion

Our souls have boundless passion

Our routines don’t stick to a pattern

Our goal is a continuous exploration

Inside us, there are many a question

We long for answers for satisfaction

Our minds follow our hearts’ reason

Thus, we are happy in every season

Our philosophy is solely action

Our journey has no station

We are beautiful in every specimen

Whether a spoiled brat or an orphan

We are free from contradiction

What we do is our conviction

We are neither outdated nor modern

Let us enjoy fantasy and fiction

Our hearts never turn barren

Our tears are spontaneously sudden

Love stirs our self-expression

We deserve utmost compassion

In forgiving, you must have arms, open

Bitterness makes our goodness rotten

In relations, we hate to see friction

We crave peace beyond imagination

In parents, we seek a perfect companion

Negligence lets our world darken

When you speak, we carefully listen

In our memory, your speech gets written

Don’t bombard us with only information

Be righteous as we are into imitation

Our personalities grow with appreciation

We need it to become a sensation

Even when wrong, respect our opinion

Don’t harm us with too much dominion

From us, do not expect perfection

We are always in a learning transition

Give us the best in possession

As we are your next generation

In your jungle, we want to be the lion

So pour on us money and affection

Divide us not into hero and villain

Cherish us like a musical composition

Instead of giving a long sermon

teach how to climb a mountain

From within, we are soft like cotton

Your warmth will leave an impression

Once you have made a connection

your name will not get forgotten

Of curiosity, we are a beacon

Our deeds are full of innovation

Whether in bedroom or kitchen

We seem to be on vacation

With optimism, our faces brighten

We don’t give up like a champion

With hope, we make things happen

By failures, we don’t feel beaten

We embark on any exciting mission

From any source, we take inspiration

With zeal, our fabric gets woven

We know we are the chosen

For us, idleness is not an option

Boredom isn’t our natural disposition

Let us discover our inclination

Don’t force on us any profession

To flourish, we need emancipation

So our dreams reach a realization

Please don’t halt our progression

We want life to be a celebration

We are beyond any discrimination

We empathize with the downtrodden

Against evil, we act as a cushion

With education, our values strengthen

With noble teachers, our morals deepen

By desire of reward, we get driven

We can give you a vital lesson

We can utter words, golden

We are recipes for a better condition

We show you a different dimension

We are more than a bundle of emotion

To this planet, we make a contribution

Our efforts don’t catch your attention

We are a silent source of revolution

Compared to us, your faith is a fraction

We are worthy of entry into heaven

We are irreplaceable by any invention

Undoubtedly, we are God’s best creation

We are neither Western nor Eastern

Adore us as we are just human!




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