Apna Gareban Chaak: Dr. Justice Javed Iqbal Autobiography on Allama Iqbal

dr javed iqbal


Apna Gareban Chaak is the autobiography [Sawan-e-Umri] of Dr. Justice Javed Iqbal, which is also regarded as the most authentic and well observed biography of his father Dr. Allama Iqbal.

Apna Gareban Chaak sheds lights on the life and personality of Allama, some excerpts below which describe Allama’s love for Prophet Muhammad SAW,

As mentioned in an article on The.Sufi.com, Allama also shared a spiritual relation with Mevlana Rumi, which clearly manifested itself as he travels in Javed Nama in guidance of Mevlana, his spiritual mentor.





Download Apna Gareban Chaak by Dr. Justice Javed Iqbal Ki Sawan-e-Umri here in PDF format [courtesy of oneurdu.com, now lapsed ].

Also download academic review of this amazing book in PDF format at An Academic Review of Apna Gareban Chaak by Dr. Justice Javed Iqbal Ki Sawan-e-Umri for Students of Iqbaliyaat.




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