Anwar Masood’s punjabi poem ‘Baddal’ (Clouds)

Anwar Masood is one of the rare people I have seen who can make you laugh and weep in the same mehfil.

As a master reciter and a mood-swinger, he holds his audience as his hostage, whether he recites his ‘Banain Len Jandey Ho’ or ‘Ambari’, his most poignant nazm to date.

Here is a less heard poem ‘Badda’ (Clouds) from his book ‘Mela Akhiaan Da’. (The festive of eyes), one of his most serious works. A personal favourite!


Anwar Aeh Ki Baddal Bannaya-e
Na Wassay Na Khullay

Oh Anwar, what sort of clouds [of heart] had formed
Neither does it pours into rains, nor it scatters.


Baddal - Anwar Masood's Punjabi Poem بدل - انور مسعود دی پنجابی نظم

Baddal – Anwar Masood’s Punjabi Poem بدل – انور مسعود دی پنجابی نظم

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