Unlovable: English Poem by Sana Fatima

Unlovable: English Poem by Sana Fatima


World was too dry, like the hard flour
Yeast of the universe, happened to be love!
Things were falling apart from God’s hands
Breaking, Shattering, Colliding, Crying
Caused tears from the creator
In the process of creating,
They fell on the dry mass
At this moment
With Dampness of tears
Love created,
Perhaps born
He fell in love
With thy creation.
Reality witnessed
The first love !
The damp lov


Birthing life
Beginning everything
Love grew among stars
Among flowers
Among people
Among poets
Ever you wondered ?
Why love’s sad
A Melancholia
Cause love was born
Of tears
God’s tears
And yet beautiful
Oh so beautiful
Birth of life
All born out of love
But still was there,
A glitch
An unfortunate event
An unwanted circumstance
A twist in heaven



The ratio of love; altered
Disturbed – Distorted
Things became odd
Love demands even
Some people left behind
Out of system
Out of duality
A third
A third
Always a third
Love was even,
People were odd
And from that day
That unlucky day
The cries of the third
Nourishes the love
The love of the two
Odds are left out
Wandering alone


Complaining to God
Waiting for end
Waiting for love
Thirsting for it
Yet extra are left outs
And unlovable
Unlovable …



Girl under a Tree

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