I met an All-American Girl

I met an All-American Girl: Poem by Laiba Bashir

I met an All-American girl in the deciduous fall

A very dramatic lady with a pretty soul

She suffers alone but still stands tall

Oh, I adore her, I adore her you all

American girl

Impulsive, quirky, and how Dearing she is

Sassy, rebellious yes that’s my sis

Hilarious she is in many ways

Its been long since I met her,

it’s been many days

Her sense of a fashion is a kicker

Beautiful, fabulous she looks each day

It makes the boys fall for her I must say

Intuitive, mischievous you will find her

How adorable she is when in a neon sweater

She is one of the beautiful people in the world

She is really very graceful, really very divine

You want her, too bad because she is already mine.




Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash



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