Musarrat Nazir: The First Diva of Pakistani Showbiz

Musarrat Nazir

Musarrat Nazir


Musarrat Nazir is considered one of the most authentic Punjabi vocalists, famed for her wedding songs that are more popular than ever even after decades. With her flamboyant style, she was probably the first diva of Pakistani Television [PTV].

Musarrat Nazir was born in Lahore and attended Kinnaird College. She started from Radio Pakistan before moving into acting. She performed roles in more than 20 Pakistani movies, besides singing evergreen songs such as Mera Laung Gawacha, Lathe Di Chader Uttay Saleti Rung Mahiya, Chitta Kukkar Banairey Tay, And Mehndi Ni Mehndi to name a very few.

After her marriage she moved to Canada and completely disappeared from showbiz scene. Download the best Punjabi Sufi Songs by Mussarat Nazir in MP3 format.


 Sadda Chiriyan Da Chamba – Musarrat Nazir (3:01)

 Jogi Utar Paharon Aya – Punjabi Sufi Folk – Musarat Nazir (2:52)




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