Mourning of a Palestinian – Poem By Shaheer Pulikkal

Mourning of a Palestinian middle-aged man abducted by Israeli forces in front of his family – Poem By Shaheer Pulikkal

Here and there
One that was
In me and in you
One of a kind

At this moment I am not myself
Look at me
Touch my body
I was alive when they took me away
My wife was not a widow when I was dragged away, and
my children were not orphans.

This soil is mine
I am Palestinian.
My savings are the lives I gave up for this country.
I have nothing else.
Oh Palestine I am going.
After dedicating the whole revolution in my veins to you


Malayalam short story writer and novelist Shaheer Pulikkal is from Mannarkkad, Palakkad district. He is currently studying for a degree at MES College, Mannarkkad under Calicut University.




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