Most Significant Ways of Effective Speaking: Ramsha Maryyam

Most Significant Ways of Effective Speaking: By Ramsha Maryyam [Kinnaird College for Women University]


Effective speaking is a quality that is really important in nearly every dimension of human life. There are several universally accepted qualities that must be present in a particular person to be an effective speaker and those qualities are as follows:


There are certain moral codes according to which a person must think and behave. Some highest ethical standards are honesty, generosity, tolerance, hope and integrity. A person is obliged to represent correct information. A person must not deceive another person by giving any false information. Furthermore, when giving a speech, plagiarism must be avoided. We are obliged to cite a source while giving any sort of information. It is suggested to extract ideas from multiple sources. Mentioning the name of a source is another way of appreciating an original idea or concept. In this way we are authenticating ourselves as well as crediting for the ideas of another person.


“Knowledge is Power”, is such a powerful quotation. A person who speaks with knowledge is real power. Most people blame that they don’t have confidence enough to talk much. But the fact is that if a person has knowledge about a particular topic then there is no problem.Similarly, a person must watch documentaries to keep their knowledge up to date. In school, universities and colleges the knowledge must make a student capable to relate it with recent researches. This will definitely polish a student to speak effectively and confidently.


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Many successful people prepared before a speech. It will make a person to discuss several important and main points.Preparation can makes any one perfect. Our cognitive process is activated, modified, organized and prepared in that way. In Pakistani scenario, we must also ask various prominent personalities for their preparation style for a particular speech.Maya Angelou once discussed her preparation for a speech. It will definitely motivate a person to be like our ideal personalities. We must make a speech and read it out loud to adjust our tone and intonation in which we are going to present. A speech written in a proper format can be delivered successfully by being confident. This confidence comes from preparation. We are able to enhance various words and concepts by our tone and gestures. Similarly, we are also able to suppress various concepts that are unimportant. Our facial expressions and hand gestures play an important role in delivering any speech appropriately.


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Speaking in a confident manner is such a problem that nearly everybody faces. It is by trying to believe in oneself. A person is able to do so by acquiring worldwide knowledge. Emotional intelligence needs practice and it is such a time taking process. It is all about self image, self concept and self resilience. Surrounding yourself with positive people is really important. It gives us courage to do something good. Learning from experiences is very important. Reading good books gives us the way to arrange our thoughts and it also gives us a great company. Speaking basically is the reflection of our thoughts. Our thoughts make us refined in the way we speak. The more refined our thoughts are the more powerful and strong speaker we become.



Ramsha Maryyam has a BA Hons. English (Applied Linguistics) from Kinnaird College and currently pursing her MPhil (Applied Linguistics). 



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