Being honest is good, but not disrespectful: Komal Ishtiaq

Being honest is good, but not disrespectful: Komal Ishtiaq

We today as a youth have a lot of potential to do good and better. We have the tendency to fulfill our dreams and we work hard for it. It is a true fact that we want to be successful and we are in a pursuit of finding ways for it, but at the same time we want to be straightforward in our approaches, in our talks without flattering others, though it is a good thing, but we can be straightforward without being rude and impolite.


When we talk with people equal to our age they can understand it well, reason behind our ways of talking and our behavior seems natural to them, but that is not the case with our elder generation, as they have different norm sets in their lives and being overly straightforward seems rude to them and out of decorum. We think that when we hide our true feelings by not telling others what we feel for them and about our revulsion, we become more of a hypocrite and therefore we say whatever we feel, though it is good thing of not hiding your feeling, but at the same time there is a way to talk, we can be honest by imping politeness theory in our life and use social niceties in our daily conversations from time to time.


When you use those social niceties it will process your conversation with others very smoothly and they will better understand what you want to communicate, and it will have more impact than being rude. It will also have a positive influence on your mental being, as it takes you out from the world of frustration. Most of the youngsters nowadays feel lowly, less motivated and aloof because of this failed conversation with their elders and most of their elders entitled them with the labels of being rude and being impolite. We might think that we are on the right track and started considering our elders as hypocrites as they have their own way of dealing with people. Most of our teachers complaint if not about our progress, than about our attitude and behavior and lack of social niceties in our conversation. Sometimes most of us feel embarrassed and started questioning that what wrong we have done by being direct.


Moreover, when you start your day by greeting your parents nicely and greeting them with smile not only make their day good but it will truly make your day good as well. When you greet your teachers and friends they will count their good behavior and treat you in a similar way. Opening a door for your elders, move one step behind when you see your elders, teachers and parents is an act of kindness and show your good behavior which not only compliments you but the training of your parents and your bringing up. You can also state your point to your elders which might be conflicting of their views, but there is a way of presenting your view point which might be an art, but if they insist on what they believe then leave it and don’t act like irrational and stubborn. To conclude, your positive attitude and behavior matters a lot and it also develops and groom your personality.




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