Khushal Khan Khattak ki Wasiyat – Allama Iqbal Poem

imagined sketch of khushal khan khattak

imagined sketch of khushal khan khattak

Khushal Khan Khattak ki Wasiyat – Allama Iqbal Poem


Khushal Khan Khattak was a poet-warrior, who advocated for the unity of Pashtun tribes. He fought against the invading Mughal Empire, and used his poems to inspire the Pashtun, especially the youth, to form a single state to defend themselves and realize their true potential. His verses are simple and precise. Within Bal-e-Jibreel, Iqbal has dedicated a poem to the great poet of the north, which is produced with translation below:


خوشحال خان کی وصیت

قبائل ہوں ملت کی وحدت میں گم
کے ہو نام افغانیوں کا بلند
محبت مجھے ان جوانوں سے ہے
ستاروں پی جو ڈالتے ہیں کمند
مغل سے کسسی طرح کمتر نہیں
قوہستان کا یہ بچہ ارجمند
کہوں تجھ سے اے ہم نشین دل کے بات
وہ مدفن ہے خوشحال خان کو پسند
اڑا کر نہ لاے جہاں باد و کوہ
مغل شہسواروں کی گرد سمند



The Last Will of Khushal Khan Khattak

I wish all tribes muster together to become one nation

And the name of Afghans is elevated

I am in love with those youth

Who anchors on the stars to climb them

This child, is not inferior to the Mughal

Who is revered child of the mountains

O’ my companion, let me share what’s in my heart with you

That grave is what Khushal Khan admires

Where the mountain wind cannot carry

The dust blown by Mughals Horseman


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