Extreme Winters – Polar Vortex’s Shifting – By Kaneez Batool

climate change


Global warming has been devastating climate of Arctic over few years, as a consequence northern hemisphere will experience extreme winters this year.

Polar vortex, upper level low pressure of cold dense Arctic air near both the Earth’s poles, is shifting to the other parts mostly towards the US and some parts of the Europe.

The latest study shows that polar vortex due to the erratic Arctic air is spreading, therefore, bringing winters to the east cost of the US and extending to the Eurasian with  unprecedented cold temperatures during March. In the course of the study of Polar Vortex, following points were observed:


  • Polar vortex is shifting, which means longer, more terrible winter for the east coast of America.
  • Each year a pocket of frigid air- the polar vortex forms cover over the arctic and it usually stays to the north of the US.
  • But in 2014, some of the ice-cold air broke away and traveled to the south, down the United States towards its eastern coast, causing extremely cold temperatures that partially freezes Niagara Falls. Consequently, costing the United States an estimated 5billion $ in damage.
  • A new study anticipates a similar winter will hit the east coast this year, generating unusually cold temperatures in March.
  • Scientists observed the upper half called the STRATOSPHERIC POLAR VORTEX and how it changed over the last 30 years.
  • They also discovered that it is also shifting from North America towards Europe and Asia which the scientist say will likely increase the chances of unusually cold temperatures.
  • In parts of the US and Eurasia, this coming winter doesn’t look pleasant



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