Coronavirus: Time to change our habits in Pakistan: Report by Fayyaz Ashfaq

Coronavirus: Time to change our habits in Pakistan: Report by Fayyaz Ashfaq


Tensions grip to mount for Pakistanis as showed cases of the unconventional coronavirus keep to surge with every passing day, imposing the federal and provincial governments to place their several regions on virtual imprisonment. Provincial governments have declared the closure of public spaces, educational institutions, public transports, marketplace, department stores and playgrounds for at the least three weeks, whilst section 100 forty four has been compulsory and strict motion is being taken con to parents that are stocking up face masks and hand sanitizers and endorsing them on higher fees.




Without a treatment or vaccine the most effective to counter the deadly virus, the simplest protection towards it is preventive measures, self-isolation and social distancing. Covid-19 instances in Pakistan have surged within the beyond few days when pilgrims from the iran-pakistan border facility taftan; have begun to be sent off to their several provinces. Till now, a minimum of 304 cases were showed in Asian nation, out of that an outstanding 211 cases are examined valuable from the sindh province, thirty three instances from Punjab, twenty-three from baluchistan, nineteen from khyber pukhtunkhwa (kp), sixteen from pakistan-occupied geographic area and gilgit baltistan (gb) and a least of 2 instances from the federal capital Islamabad.

On Wed, khyber pukhtunkhwa confirmed the ending of as a minimum 2 individuals in mardan and hangu, making them the first casualties of the deadly virus in Asian nation. Asian nation authorities has been confronted with associate degree uphill project to wear down the growing amount of covid-19 cases as isolated pilgrims, who’ve cosmopolitan into the u. s. of America from Islāmic Republic of Iran, are complaining towards the inadequate condition in their applicable premises, chiefly allocated to deal with them for covid-19 testing. Videos of pilgrims protestant towards scarce, scant and negative preparations of the quarantine facilities in dera ismail khan and dera ghazi khan of the Punjab province have long gone viral on social media, attracting huge grievance at the provincial authorities for protective all pilgrims conjointly without making an attempt out them for the virus.

Maintaining all pilgrims in an extremely single facility with ten people packed in an exceedingly single area, makes all of them prone get littered with the virus from one another, if one in each of them is sporting the virus. The broad disaster management authority (ndma) has notified mitigation measures among the federal land and pok by method of ordering conversion of accommodations into quarantine centers beneath a “one in line with one area coverage”. Sindh provincial authorities has declared the closure of instructional establishments, division outlets, marriage ceremony halls and then on.

“In responsibility of the Sindh epidemic viruses act 2014, the authorities of Sindh has determined to shut the resulting department’s offices, self-sustaining and semi-independent bodies, organization of these departments beneath the chief manage of the authorities of Sindh . In Punjab, the experts has determined to ploy virtual via skeleton people in places of labor, applying the paintings-from-home coverage for others.

Buffs’ workplaces use Skype industrial enterprise account to digit from home now. The depth spot and noted hill station murree has also been banned from the access of the bulk, visitors and guests, exclusion them from entry into frivolous spots like malls. In KPK, the authorities has imposed associate degree emergency in kpk revenue authority (k-pra) to form getting vital things needed for public fitness more easy.

The time-based arrangement of the specialists’ places of labor has been confined from ten am to four pm, at a similar time because the entrance of the overall public has been prohibited. Any meeting, with associate notch group action needed of additional than five men and ladies, are command through video conferencing. Public gatherings and private rites were prohibited throughout the province, while hairdressers and finery parlors were directed to finish off for as a minimum fifteen days.

Restaurants were directed to stay locked until Gregorian calendar month five, 2020. Asian nation prime minister has noted as at the persons to remain calm, stating that safety measures wish to be accompanied. But, with the growing large choice of cases, poor preparations of isolated centers and declared deaths have unfold severe fears among the locals, who’re now nosy the government’s lack of awareness and realism to wear down the eruption, job it neglect.




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