Entrepreneurship Report: Introducing Karachi Adventurous Travels

Mission Statement

To cater to the needs of nature-loving upper and upper-middle class gentry by revealing the undiscovered coastal line of Pakistan to them through an unusual and adventurous air travelling service.



I, after a self evaluation of the twenty years of my age, know that I am an outgoing, fun loving person who is aggressive enough to venture in this business single-handedly. I know that I love taking up challenges and am bold enough to take risks to a great extent. However, I know to take them calculated. On the other hand, my affinity for nature always urged me to explore the subject. Pakistan’s scenic beauty is the asset that has never been utilized in this regard.

The coastal line of Pakistan that is considered to be one of the best coastal lines in the world is still undiscovered. My study upon the subject combined with my experience of travelling to this particular landscape enables me to venture in this business opportunity. Besides, my public speaking abilities, backed by my oratory in various contests of national repute, equip me with the art of selling my idea to the gathering of educated masses that make up my target market. Moreover, I posses an added advantage of having technical assistance of three of my close relatives who know the ins an outs of air travelling due to their professions.


Introducing Karachi Adventurous Travels

Need Analysis

Karachi Adventurous Travels recognizes the need of healthy entertainment for the fun-loving, adventurous, and nature-struck people of Karachi who have the resources, financial as well as material, but do not have the time to visit the up-country. This lack of time cripples them to enjoy the scenic beauty of Pakistan with which the God Almighty has gifted Pakistan lavishly. However, this scenic beauty of Pakistan is not only restricted to the up-country only.

Down-town Pakistan is equally blessed with these irreplaceable gifts of nature. The coastal line of Pakistan is, beyond the shred of doubt, one of the most beautiful coastal lines in the world. Nature has showered Pakistan with each of his blessings in this regard. Blue and green water coasts, turtle beaches, white-sand beaches, coasts being the natural habitat of migrating birds, and cornered coastal line are to name a few.

Karachi Adventurous Travels intend to capitalize on this opportunity problem of Karachites. We wish to provide them the healthy entertainment keeping in view their constraint i.e. lack of time. We shall provide them a transportation facility to a place that will render them a chance to be away from a busy and hectic routine day. It will also provide them with an opportunity to enjoy a dreamy place with a clean and healthy surrounding that can not be thought of in the pollution-riddled atmosphere of Karachi.

Moreover, Karachi Adventurous Travels also intend to capitalize upon the market of tourists that arrive in the city to see the historical places around Karachi.


Market Segmentation

The market of Karachi Adventurous Travels will be derived, mainly, from the population of Karachi. An analysis of the population of Karachi reveals following facts that are of interest to Karachi Adventurous Travels:
1- Karachites have extremes in their income-parity levels.
2- They do not have enough facilities for leisure and excursion.
3- The life of Karachites is very fast-paced. Lack of time is the striking feature in their lives.
4- They hardly find time for entertainment activities.
5- Many-a-number of people have not been to outside Sind in their whole life.
6- The environment, they live in, is very much polluted.
7- A few facilities that they have, have become a routine for them.
8- There are not much public places where families can be taken for enjoyment.


Target Market:

As mentioned earlier, the target market of the Karachi Adventurous Travels will be derived from, mainly, the residents of Karachi. Therefore, the prominent features of the target market are given below that will help us to concentrate upon the right customers.
The target market of Karachi Adventurous Travels will consist of the people who are:
1- Ranked in the upper or upper middle class.
2- Capable of visiting foreign countries but have not been able to gaze through Pakistani scenic beauty.
3- Quite busy in their daily life and need a change.
4- Fun-loving and adventurous.
5- Wish to visit some place other than usual excursion sites of Karachi.
6- Nature-friendly and wish to spend some time in a pollution free environment.

4 Ps of Marketing


Karachi Adventurous Travels will provide a chopper service to its customers from Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, Karachi to Ormara, Balochistan. We will begin with one chopper i.e. MI 17, a Russian helicopter that will be bought from them directly in a renovated form, fit for such operations. The visit will be one-hour-one-side trip. We will take customers to the destination, along the coastal line from Karachi to Ormara.
Ormara, after turning into a Camp of Pakistan Navy, has turned out to be a fast growing city of Balochistan. Besides, this particular city is lavishly gifted with the natural beauty and scenery. Karachi Adventurous Travels intend to take advantage of this opportunity and serve their customers with what they need. A healthy and lively environment.
There will be only one flight daily to Ormara and back. The journey will start in the morning and the passengers will be brought back to their home city at dusk. Throughout the journey, the passengers will not only be catered with refreshments but also be explained about the historical importance and the significance of various places that lie in between. They will be told about the history of the places, in between, to keep their interest alive. Moreover, a focus will be upon the natural beauty of the coastal line.
They will be met and received by the staff of a resort owner at Ormara who will make their stay as comfortable as possible. They will not only enjoy the sight-seeing but also enjoy yachting and water sports etc. This will provide them with extra excursion besides the mental satisfaction extracted by such a healthy environment.
The license of such a service will be obtained from Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan who will also assist Karachi Adventurous Travels in using the QIA, Karachi.



As mentioned earlier, the Karachi Adventurous Travels will use the services of QIA, Karachi to board the passengers, therefore, all the facilities i.e. a customer counter at QIA, Karachi, and the passengers handling facilities will be provided by CAA at QIA, Karachi. On the other hand, a landing-pad for the chopper will be provided by the owner of the resort at Ormara.



Karachi Adventurous Travels set their price for this trip at Rs.5000 per seat. Keeping in view the fact that the chopper can accommodate 25 passengers in a single trip, Karachi Adventurous Travels think that a trip of below 15 passengers will be highly unprofitable so they will only handle the trip for this number of passengers or above. Besides, they intend to manage two trips on weekends and holidays, if needed. Karachi Adventurous Travels are aware of the fact that the number of customers are prone to high fluctuation. They do not place a hope that they will be able to lift maximum number of passengers all the time so they do not take a optimistic view in this regard.



Karachi Adventurous Travels intend to promote their chopper service in the two of the mostly read English Newspapers i.e. The Dawn and The News. They believe that they can reach their target market through this medium in a comfortable way for the their target market is supposedly an affluent class who reads English dailies.
Karachi Adventurous Travels intend to set aside Rs.500,000 for this purpose as they would be launching an aggressive advertising and promotional strategy to create an apt awareness about their product. If possible, the Karachi Adventurous Travels also intend to buy some air time on the national broadcasting system to advertise about their product-offering. However, the main focus remains upon the print ad media.

Karachi Adventurous Travels are aware of the importance of its customers and values them to a higher degree. They also intend to provide certain incentives to its customers i.e. rebates on fares and privileged customer status.

A schedule in this regard is given below:

  • Trips Taken Customer Status Incentive
  • 5 Silver 2 % rebate on next visit
  • 7 Gold 5 % rebate on next visit
  • 10 Platinum 10 % rebate on next visit

Moreover, special concessions will be given on group travels. A schedule in this regard is given below.

  • Number of Persons Group Status Incentive
  • 5 Silver Group Rs.200 off per person
  • 10 Gold Group Rs.500 off per person
  • 15 Platinum Group Rs. 500 off + Gold Cust.

Besides, a Universal Access Number will be acquired from the PTCL and it will be promoted in the advertisements of the operations. The customers will be handled on the first-come-first-serve-basis, so it would be advised to make a reservation in advance through the above-said facility.



A tentative costing report of the project is given below.

Allocated Budget Rs. 5,000,000

Fixed Costs:
Cost of MI 17 Rs. 40,000,000
Annual Fee, CAA Rs. 200,000
Promotion Rs. 500,000 (Rs. 4,700,000)

Variable Costs:
Fuel / Trip Rs. 70,000
Salaries / Month Rs. 155,000
Tech. Asst. : CAA Rs. 40,000 (Rs. 265,000)

Balance Rs. 35,000


Deficit Financing:
Although, the tentative costing report encompasses all the aspects of the operations, yet a need might arise of further capital to invest in the venture. The owner-manager of Karachi Adventurous Travels intends to take advantage of a suitable opportunity of the loan or any such facility provided by, either the government or any reputed bank.


Karachi Adventurous Travels are well aware of the fact that they have very limited operations and a blend of highly technical staff as well as over-the-counter employees are needed for the operations.
The listing of the employees is as follows:


Personnel Number Remuneration
Pilot 3 Rs. 35,000 each
Air Hostess 2 Rs. 10,000 each
Air Security Guard 2 Rs. 5,000 each
O-T-C Employees 2 Rs. 10,000 each

These employees will be hired by advertising and will be selected strictly on merit. The criteria of selection of the pilots will be determined by the assistance of the close relatives of the owner-manager that were mentioned earlier as he does not have the relevant experience of the said field. However, the selection of the other employees will be done by the owner-manager himself.


Operations / Implementation:

The owner/manager of the business intends to devote his full time towards the business and plans to sit on the counter of the Karachi Adventurous Travels at QIA, Karachi. As there will be no other counters of Karachi Adventurous Travels in the city so it would be advisable to make reservations on telephone.
The owner-manager of the business will look over the state-of-affairs at Karachi counter. However, the affairs in Ormara will be handled by the owner of the resort.


Final Words:

The owner-manager of this business feels that the idea is quite implement-able and is feasible to a great extent. The operations of this business are not very scattered and can easily be managed single-handedly. The target market of this business is the affluent and educated class. It provides him with an opportunity to work in a clean and safe environment. Besides, he is motivated enough due to his nature to venture in this opportunity problem.


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