Desires melody: Poem by Kate Jutt

Desires melody: Poem by Kate Jutt

And then he asks me,
“Why do you write about agony?”
My eyes wander through his soul,
Looking questionably.
Desiring every truth to fire aloud,
To grab his heart and say with pride,
“You have made my soul so thirsty.”

You have never walked down a road with me in the middle of dark nights.
You have never squeezed my hand and never made me shiver with your passion.
You have never let me touch the softness and fragility of your soul,
Your cheeks, your palms, and the soft corner of your lips.
I swear I have never felt them soft and warm against me.

You have never walked straight into the oasis of my heart,
And never let me dance to the beat of your heart.
Have you ever sniffed against my hair?
I know it’s worthless, it’s meaningless, it’s uneasy,
But stay with me a night to feel
The life inside your lifeless heart.

Stay long on my pillow, let me tell you about all the great mysteries of the universe.
Let me take your hand and take you to the land of lights.
Let me show you the buried happiness of your soul.
Let me touch the sky with your shivering hands.
Let me tell you, as we walk across the meadows,
That I ardently adore the beauty of your barren soul.

Let me pluck some roses for you
And make a charm to bewitch your wits.
Let me play the flute of love.
Let me spend this night with you.
Let me hold you forever and pour the juices of eternally peaceful love upon me.
Let me live in your heart and water that desert.
Let me sow my heart there.
Let me show how mighty the fruit will be.
Let me snatch you away from this world and its barriers.

Like mystic music, like soothing twilight,
Let me spend this life daringly in the zone of love.
Love that cares no ends, that never pulls back any string once cast,
Where your shadow is dancing along with me.
My eyes are still closed, but I can see you there.
Now open my fist and read my hands,
Tell me every line is calling you close,
So close that your unfulfilling breath could hold no more,
So close that we emerge as a single soul,
Dancing splendidly in the air,
So high, so mighty, so mystic, so melancholic,
That no one will ever dare to stop
Looking at the light which brightens the days of the rest of sad souls



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