Creation of Man [Adam] – Story from Quran

Creation of Man [Adam] – Story from Quran [Two stories, One theme]

Rumi Wallpaper

Rumi Wallpaper

1. In the glorious Quran, Allah explains the story of creation of man. When Allah told angels that he will be creating Adam, angels asked ‘Our Lord, we praise you day and end night. Why do you want to create something that will corruption and Mischief on earth?’.Allah had a short and powerful reply. ‘Lan Tiraani’ He said. It loosely translated as ‘the knowledge I have, you don’t’.

2. Rumi was busy reading his Fiqah (Islamic Jurisprudence) as Shams Tabraiz, approached him disguised as a dervish/ beggar. Shams asked him Rumi what was he reading. Rumi replied that it is beyond his knowledge. Shams upon his reply threw those books in the pond. Rumi  asked Shams why has he destroyed his books. Shams took the books out of water. They remained intact, dry without a drop of water.

Rumi was astonished and asked Shams how come this is possible. Shams replied that his world is beyond Rumi’s knowledge. After this Shams narrated the following verse in Perian [Farsi].

علم کز تو ترانہ بستاند

جھل زاں علم بہ بود بسیار

The Knowledge which does not steal you from yourself;

Ignorance is better than such knowledge.

Rumi immediately realised that Shams is the spiritual guide he has been seeking for long.


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