Autarchy Our Land: Independence Day Poem by Areeba Iqbal

Eyes dreamed of a world so sundered
Jinnah struggled wholly so it swirled
As the dawn donned soil and lightened
Near and far
Vehement ardour roared and tightened
Near and far
Heart throbbed and the blood fizzed
Desire for freedom, while we stargazed
Devoted for homeland , a million Gems
For the land to prosper, was their aims
Sky of freedom we hath
Sun of freedom we hath
Shelter of freedom we hath
Freedom of heaps we hath
Oh ! This green scent of green land
Oh ! This green flag of green land
This green flag blossoms peculiarity
of a green land with firm solidarity
It’s moon sprinkles in the world everywhere
Star now glistens in the world everywhere
Known to the cosmos as state of purities
Independent country we hath
With all the feeling we hath after calamities

Penned by Areeba Iqbal





Photo by Burhan Ahmad on Unsplash


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