20 Greatest Sufi Rock Tracks Ever


Sufi Music such as Qawwali and Arfana Kalam goes back many a centuries and considered by historians of key importance in the propagation of Islam in Indian Subcontinent. With the popularlity of Rock Music, Sufi Music blended with it to create a genre of its own, Sufi Rock. Such genre was popularized by Junoon, the greatest rock band in the history of Pakistani music.

Sufi Rock is now an established genre, which has seen many great tracks from mainstream artists such as Mekaal Hassan Band, Quratulain Baloch [QB] and Atif Aslam.


TheSufi.com, world’s largest webite on Sufism and Sufi Music, compiled a ranking of 20 Greatest of Sufi Rock ever. Please visit link to download in MP3 format and provide feedback.


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