10 Naat Khawans that remain evergreen

10 Naat Khawans that remain evergreen

Naat is an important part of Islam because it is a form of devotional poetry that praises and expresses love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of Allah, and expressing love and reverence for him is an integral part of their faith. Naat serves as a means to connect with the Prophet Muhammad, seek his intercession, and deepen one’s spiritual connection to Islam.


10 Best Naat Khawaan


Naat recitation is a highly revered practice within Islamic culture and has been a part of Islamic traditions for centuries. It is often performed in gatherings, mosques, and during special religious occasions. Naats can be recited in various languages, including Arabic, Urdu, Persian, and other regional languages, to reach and resonate with diverse Muslim communities around the world.

Below are the top 10 renowned Naat Khawans (reciters) in no particular order, including a brief explanation of their contributions to the genre:



  1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Known for his mesmerizing qawwali performances, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan also showcased his talent in reciting Naats. His soulful voice, unique style, and powerful renditions made him a beloved Naat Khawan.

  2. Owais Qadri: Owais Qadri is a prominent Pakistani Naat Khawan who has gained widespread popularity due to his heartfelt and melodious recitations. He has released numerous albums and has a large fan base around the world.
  3. Qari Waheed Zafar: Qari Waheed Zafar is renowned for his beautiful Naat recitations in the Urdu language. His voice and delivery have touched the hearts of many, and he has contributed significantly to the promotion of Naat recitation.

    Waheed Zafar


  4. Khursheed Ahmad : Khursheed Ahmad, a veteran Naat Khawan from Pakistan, is celebrated for his soul-stirring performances. His emotional and expressive style has left a lasting impact on listeners.
  5. Umme Habiba: Umme Habiba, a female Naat Khawan, is known for her exceptional talent and melodious voice. She has rendered numerous Naats, and her contributions have been widely appreciated within the Islamic music community.
  6. Sami Yusuf: Sami Yusuf is an internationally recognized musician and composer who has released several albums, including ones featuring Naats. His unique blend of contemporary and traditional music has garnered him a significant following.
  7. Junaid Jamshed: Initially famous as a member of the renowned Pakistani band Vital Signs, Junaid Jamshed later turned to religion and became a prominent Naat Khawan. His transition and subsequent contributions to Naat recitation made him a beloved figure.
    Junaid Jamshed

    Junaid Jamshed


  8. Amjad Sabri: Amjad Sabri, a member of the famous Sabri Brothers qawwali group, was known for his passionate and soulful Naat recitations. He had a distinct style that touched the hearts of millions before his untimely demise.
  9. Huriya Rafiq Qadri: Huriya Rafiq Qadri is a talented female Naat Khawan who has garnered a significant fan base through her enchanting and spiritually uplifting recitations.
  10. Professor Abdul Rauf Rufi: Professor Abdul Rauf Rufi is a renowned Pakistani Naat Khawan known for his melodious voice and beautiful renditions. He has made a notable contribution to the field of Naat recitation.

These Naat Khawans have dedicated their lives to the art of recitation and have played a vital role in spreading love and devotion for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through their captivating performances.


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