Happy 2022 to all readers

Happy New Year. May this year bring immense happiness and inner peace to all of you.

As we enter 2022, we get closer to meeting our Creator. However, we can only prepare for it if we are clear about why we are here in this world in the first place. Due to the secular education, upbringing of parents, and social norms, we receive false knowledge from Day 1. We do not realize that life is not about our dreams, aspirations, goals, and wishes. The only purpose of this life is to know God, understand Him, serve Him and please Him from the bottom of our hearts, minds, and souls. There was no other reason behind sending innumerable prophets to humanity.

Thus, let us decide that in 2022, we will try our best to live by Quran & Sunnah. We will seek knowledge from the learned ones. We will try to help those in need. We will never hurt a single human being – Muslim, Non-Muslim, or atheist. We will try to get rid of our egos. We will abandon our selfish ambitions. We will clean our hearts of arrogance, greed, jealousy, hatred, fears, insecurities, complexes, anger, lust, grudge, desire for fame & worldly success. We will embrace the traits of humility, love, simplicity, patience, gratitude, courage & generosity.

We pray that may Allah grant us wisdom, reverence for Holy Prophet SAW, inner purification, deep understanding of Islam, higher ethics, stronger morals, and the intention to transform ourselves intellectually and spiritually – Ameen!

By Aadil Farooq [ www.aadilfarook.com  ]

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