We and Our Educational System: By Sadaf Naz

We and Our Educational System: By Sadaf Naz


Education plays a crucial role in making any nation strong. If you are providing quality education to your generation you would definitely have eminent engineers, doctors, teachers, researchers, scientists, civil servicers, politicians and surely the outstanding nation builders.


GC University Lahore

GC University Lahore


Education leads any nation to its peak. We have seen many examples of it around us. We see that those countries who focused more on their educational system developed with leaps and bounds. Let us turn back the pages of history, we could see a remarkable example of Japan, we could see how it has achieved astounding achievement. It’s rise from ashes after being bombed by the US has left everyone surprised, after this atrocious incident Japan had put its full consideration on educational system more than any other systems and within a short span of seventy years it has become a country which is providing more opportunities, better lifestyle and aesthetic necessities of life. Its Educational system is considered one of the best in the world. Not only this but also it offers many opportunities for the people of developed countries especially its neighboring states including Pakistan. People aspire to go there for their higher education even at the graduate level and for more job opportunities.


On the contrary, where are we standing? In spite of being an independent nation since 1947 we still aren’t able to stand in the ranks of developed countries due to the lack of innovation, modern equipment, technology and appealing opportunities.


What is the main cause of these failings?  one must consider the economic condition, but it is far away than another major cause that is our “educational system” as we are not able to provide a quality education hence, we could not get sincere and devoted professionals of any field, merely one’s education shapes an individual based on what they have been taught, in what ways and for what purpose.


All of these three elements i.e., aim, direction and purpose of education are really important to make someone’s frame of mind and personality grow. Unfortunately, in Pakistan we are not focusing on the major elements of education i.e., aim, direction and purpose of true education instead we are being more focused on a piece of paper which is called a “degree”.


Here we need to change the mind-set of our people and make them realize the true meanings of education as well as we need to pay attention towards the betterment of our educational system. For making an educational system better there are three essential aspects, among them the one and foremost factor is to develop an standardize curriculum which should focus more on practical work rather than theoretical work so that after passing the major exams our students should be able to start their career instead of spending their precious time to gain experience in their own field by paying money to different institutes or industries.


Second exigent factor is the method of applying that curriculum, it is the stage where we can give the true meanings of education to our pupils. It is also a significant responsibility of our teachers and respective authorities to deliver the curriculum in such a way that students shouldn’t hurry to get only a degree, instead they will be eager to get an education which then develops their personality in the right direction. The third important factor is to take the outcome of that delivered curriculum. In most of the developed countries they have their keen observations on this stage unfortunately in Pakistan this stage is severely neglected.


Recently matriculation examinations have been conducted by different educational boards including Sindh board and Karachi board. unfortunately, the worst exam conducting system has been seen where students were being given complete autonomy to take their exam as per their own choice i.e., open books, references etc. The board papers were not confidential too as the papers were being leaked before the time and were circulated through social media.


Teachers and administration of the respective schools were taking per paper per head charges from the students and allowing them to take their exams with the help of books or key books. What can we conclude after all these? We are absolutely failed to arrange transparent examination system


Those students who took their papers without studying a single word throughout the whole session and attempted the exams by suborn, how could they be the professionals of their fields? Where would they lead the country in future? It is de facto a big question mark on our educational system and exam conducting system.


We unquestionably failed to enforce rules and regulations. People are selling their conscience for the sake of a few rupees and playing with the future of not only the immature students but also the future of this nation as they are destroying the roots of this country. If such a set of circumstances remain the same, we surely lose our identity, our country and our independence.


Now the question is who is responsible for all these? Of course, there is a complete triangle which consists of an educational system including the authorities which are directly involved in organizing such an appalling examination system Without any check and balance. The second main element is the concerned school’s administration and the last element of this triangle is the parents. The triangle consisting of all these three paramount elements is the main cause of undermining the roots of this nation, making the students losers, cheaters and corrupters.


We cannot even predict the future of this country which could be full of looters, cheaters and corrupters. This is an alarming situation which can cause chaos in future. To secure the future of this country it is necessary to keep an eye over the education and examination system if we would like to see our nation standing up in the rows of developed and prosperous countries where one could aspire to go and feel safe with better opportunities for themselves.


We must give full attention to our educational system and we ought to accept that educational system is the key system to lead any country up to the sky.





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