The Walls: English Poem by Huzaifa Zeeshan

The Walls: English Poem by Huzaifa Zeeshan


The walls are ladden with spools of silk,

And your hand feels like an endless night,

The belching heat rocks my stomach

And it bears witness to your rainy eyes

I drown and sleep in them

Till you save me and bring me back

To life,


American girl


Your shadow twists in my tremulous hands,

And all your hair, rest on one side,

Your cheeks, like flowers in bloom,

Wither when i take them in my hands.

The wading birds take you

To the winds,

And the winds carry you onto open roads,


From there you come back to me

And the flow of Time resumes at last,

The sun then sleeps on open shores

And the ships come back, once long lost.




– Huzaifa Zeeshan Awan Bs. English Literature (Semester 1)


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