Open Roads: English Poem by Huzaifa Zeeshan

Open Roads: English Poem by Huzaifa Zeeshan [BSc. English Literature]

Open roads,
Hung back mountains
Brazen pastures
Wrapping you,
And the mournful creak,
Of withered willow creaks.

You set your earrings and
I decorate you with silks
Of ivory green
Thousand raindrops clamour
Under you.
And butterflies, all kinds,
Go chasing eachother

Rose nectar, delicate and watery,
Sweet perfume of your eyes,
A smile which then ingrains itself
Into my palms
Your features are now in my words
Your laughter, radiant and rare,
Is now eternal.

It is preserved forever in these dreams


–  Huzaifa Zeeshan Awan
English Literature (Bs.)(sem1)(session 22-26)


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