Lovely crown: English Poem by Elsa Ish

Lovely crown: English Poem by Elsa Ish


I am full of myself today,
Going to talk my oath today,
Feeling like ever-glow today,
Making my self full of loyalty,
Willing to be full of sincerity.

The highness came and greet me,
And I am going to fill me,
They said; oh lord, looking paradise,
The lovely crown attract me,
Nothing else I am seeing for me.

The royal palace turns into a Disney land today,
Just a rose merry dancing on my land today,
I am seeing everyone infront of me today,
Here to see me for become royal queen today,
And I just became what I meant to be today.

Along with rose merry fireworks are dancing on sky today,
Door open, I see the kingdom pleasing me today,
I born as princess, turns into royal queen today,
Everything end with happy light-full night today,
And just left unforgettable memories today.



American girl



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