Liberation of consciousness: Poem by Mohsin Latif

Liberation of consciousness
Stifled by the idea of her conscious self
She demolished the chains of her ideal self
She felt suffocated but liberated
For the worst of the slavery
Is the slavery of self’s mind
The freedom felt nothing but overwhelming
For it was meant only for the designated
Aroused by the absence of her fetters
And in the euphoria of her liberation
She forgot in the absence of her mind
That she has already become an orphaned child
As the sky turned darker approaching twilight
Exhibiting everything but a romantic delight
Terrified that even the shackles were not her allies
She screeched in the full spirit of her desires
But was she sleep paralyzed?
Because the wails never checked out her alive
Scared of the stigma of being an orphaned child
She sought refuge in the church of brick and fire
Which coerced her to surrender her momentary joys
And betrayed her when were being vitally required
Alienated by the absurdity of species of her kind
Lost in the intricacies of her delicate mind
And trapped by the uncertainty of ‘being’ and ‘not being’
She confined herself to a solitary regime
The writer is a professional software engineer affiliated with Esketchers, a Lahore based software company. He is also an old Ravian (ICS – Batch 2011-2013) and NUST SEECS alumnus (BS Computer Science, 2018). 

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