Application for Financial Assistance to finance MBA at LUMS or IBA Karachi


17 August 2016
IBA/LUMS Financial Assistance Department.


Subject: Request for the financial assistance for the second and summer semester of MBA Program at Lahore University of Management [LUMS]/IBA Karachi. 


Dear Sir,

I hail from a small town “Ratodero”, located in the rural suburbs of city Larkana in interior of Sindh. I received my primary education from a school whose classrooms were built in the open sky having neither any walls nor any roof, where the teacher appeared one day and the other day he did not. It was very difficult in those days to earn the livilihood for our family because my father was a teacher (earning about RS. 1200 at that time) and was struggling very hard for the survival to feed a large family by giving extra private tutions apart from his regular job which made him finally so sick and weak that Doctors advised him to stop giving tutions. It was even difficult for him to get us all educated. At that time I could have never thought of coming to LUMS because I had never heard of LUMS. So I got my primary and secondary education in those circumstances and did not stop my education because I was very ambitious to go ahead and finally my efforts were crowned when I opted for LUMS and got admission over there.

I am currently studying in the first semester of MBA program at LUMS. I had applied at the time of admission for the full financial assistance and it was provided to me, thus substantially reducing the financial burden over my family. Now I have been asked to pay the required exorbitant fee for both the second and summer semesters amounting to Rs. 232,000.

I would like to bring to your notice the following facts regarding my financial status:

1. That despite my obsession with getting educated in a prestigious educational institution like LUMS, I neither could, nor can, afford one. It was primarily my will to succeed despite all odds that filled me with extra energy to clinch this opportunitry.

2. That my father being a retired educationist, receiving a very meager pension fund from government, and my other family members with ‘hand to mouth’ sources of income, are in no position to bear the exorbitant cost of my postgraduate degree at LUMS.

3. That my mother is a diabetic, cardiac, hypertensive, and neuropsychiatric patient since last 17 years and her medical expenses alone far exceed my father’s pension funds. In this regard my family members are already contributing more than their due proportion in meeting our day to day home expenses and cost of medicines of my parents.

4. That my father, who is the patient of arthritis has recently suffered from an attack of “Paralysis” and my family members in this regard are contributing more than their share for the cost of expensive medicines.

5. That despite my persistent hard work, commitment and dedication for upward mobility, money continues to be major barrier.

In view of above facts I request you to extend me your full cooperation in financial terms on compassionate and humanitarian grounds, so that I could continue my dream of getting education at LUMS. Please reply me soon on my E-mail address, I will be anxiously waiting for your kind response.


Best regards





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