Analysis between two students from different socio-economic backgrounds


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Analysis between two students from different Socio-economic backgrounds


Input to X [Rich Student] Input to Y [Poor Student]
1) Was given birth by a rich and well-educated mother, in a well-maintained, air-conditioned hospital under the supervision of a well-qualified lady doctor.


1) Was given birth by an illiterate, ignorant and malnourished mother in a village with the help of a village midwife.


2) Was a healthy child at birth?


2) Was a weak child at birth.


3) Was brought up in a well-maintained home and clean surroundings, in a posh urban locality.


3) Was brought up in village atmosphere: polluted with garbage, sewage water, and affected with various diseases.


4) Received primary and secondary education in Cambridge and Oxford-like schools with highly sophisticated and well-illustrated syllabi, with western orientation.


5) Given basic schooling with Government syllabus, with poor quality teaching, and physical beating and abuse at school.


5) Occasionally went to picnics and tours arranged either by school or parents. 5) Could not afford any leisure activities
6) The home he lived in, the school he studied in and the car he traveled in were all air-conditioned and had proper heating system too, so climatic conditions did not matter much.

6) Climatic changes had direct effect on performance and living conditions.

7) The family had a concept of, and enjoyed a balanced diet.

7) Family never heard of, and neither can afford, balanced diet.

8) Had best possible medical facilities available.

8) Had access only to a government dispensary or hospital.

9) Was sent to Oxford University for higher education.

9) Got admission in a government university in a city nearby.

10) Had graduated on time.

10) Graduated a year late, because university remained close most of the time due to strikes and other disturbances.

11) Throughout his life, had access to almost every modern skill development audiovisual tool such as TV, satellite receiver, Internet, etc.

11) Could hardly make use of such facility.

12) Was not very hardworking and ambitious.

12) Was very hardworking, energetic and ambitious.

13) Used to go to various clubs for entertainment purposes, sometimes with a girlfriend.

13) Couldn’t afford any such facility.

14) Had no psychological disturbance resulting from any family problem.

14) Family was clutched in various financial, domestic and social problems.

15) Family comprised four highly educated members.

15) Family comprised 9 illiterate members.

16) Family used to interact with high dignitaries of the state.

16) Family hardly knew any state dignitary on personal level.

17) Secured good marks in interview because of knowledge, clarity of thought, confidence, command over English and being expensively well dressed (chairman of the interview board even praised his tie).

17) Couldn’t score well enough in interview on account of poor command of English, conventional knowledge and not being elegantly dressed.

18) Appears to be more suitable for the job.

18) Appears to be less suitable for the job.

19) His output is proportionate to his input.

19) His output is much higher than the proportion of his input, and therefore is more efficient than X.




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