Vera ke Naam – Faiz Ahmed Faiz ویرا کے نام

faiz and nazim

Faiz and Nazim

Vera ke Naam ویرا کے نام – Poem by Nazim Hikmet translated by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Nazim Hikmet and Pablo Neruda shared a similar life full of struggles against autocracy and dictatorships, and their admiration for each other was never discreet. Besides, if there were a genre called “Romantic Socialists“, all three of these will fit perfectly into such category.

Faiz Sahib’s book “ShaameShehr-e-Yaaraan” (The Evening of City of Companions), includes some translation of his favourite poems such as Sehra ki Raat (Desert Evening) by Omer Ali Sulyman of Kazakhstan as well as Nazim Hikmet.

Vera ke Naam (Ode to Vera) is a beautifully simple (and simply beautiful) poem by Nazim, a personal favourite by Faiz, which is produced below with translation.


ویرا کے نام *

اس نے کہا، آؤ
اس نے کہا، ٹھہرو
مسکأو، اس نے کہا
مر جاؤ ، اس نے کہا

میں آیا
میں ٹھر گیا
اور مر بھی گیا

* ویرا نظم حکمت کی روسی بیوی کا نام ہے


Dedicated to Vera *

“Come over”, she said
“Stop” , she said
“Smile”, she said
“Die”, she said

I came
I stopped
And smiled
and died too.

(* Vera was wife Nazim Hikmet with Russian origin)


All poems of Faiz Ahmed Ahmed are in Public Domain. All translations by Ravi Magazines can be reproduced without any permission. 

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