Ugliness does not exist, since God created all things perfect

Sufi Quote by Maulana Rumi from Masnavi Maanvi

In reality, ugliness does not exist, since God created all things perfect

That is why there is no absolute evil in the world, Evil is relative [based on the being]. Understand this truth also.

In the realm of Time there is no poison or sugar that is not a foot (support) to one and a fetter (injury) to another

To one a foot, to another a fetter; to one a poison and to another sweet and wholesome like sugar.

Snake-poison is life to the snake, but it is death to man.


Download Masnavi by Maulana Rumi in PDF format here also. 


Mevlana Rumi Shrine, Konya [Turkey]

Mevlana Rumi Shrine, Konya [Turkey]


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