Martyrdom: English Poem by Iqra Jamal 

Martyrdom: English Poem by Iqra Jamal

With his slow tread, under a twilight;

Walking along the coast, he noticed something bright;

Seeing a falling star, he ran to catch;

Sadness was prevailed all over his face

Walking with his dad, riding on his back;

Playing with toys and eating the cakes;

Running after him, at the same coast;

He recollected all that had lost

Waving each other, that last hug – dad had gone so far!

Mom said, he is in this falling star

Embracing dad’s photo, the promise he made,

To never play with toys, always follow his shade

Wearing a khaki uniform, he saluted his mom,

To safeguard the nation, heroes are born!

He has indeed fulfilled his pledge,

The martyrs are alive, don’t call them dead …



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