Man’s Biggest Mistake : By Binte Jameel

Man’s Biggest Mistake : By Binte Jameel


Yes! It’s true, you are reading right, the biggest mistake in the human world is creating Robots.

You know! Man is the most beloved creature of Allah that He has created. Allah has given man intelligence, ability, hardness, gentleness, attitude, honesty, darkness, wickedness, bravery, and many other qualities. Allah Ta’ala has created many types of animals, birds, etc. but He only gives man the power of mind.

Ever wondered why?

Because we are special to Him, He gives us the power of mind.

The power of thought

The power of understanding

The power to create

We are not creators. This is the special attribute of the Lord of Priesthood. He gives a pinch of this attribute in humans so that we use this power for the benefit of mankind, not for harm, danger, and evil.

what do you think?

Is that a good decision by humans to build robots?

Have you ever heard of Sofia the Robot?
What did she say?
She likes children.
She likes to give birth to children.
Does she want to be a mother? We create this creature as a creator.
What do we think?
Have we ever made a mistake in making it?

Do we want to fight our creator?

Do we want to compete with Allah?

Allah who knows the state of hearts, who is free from mistakes, who created us without any mistakes, can we create like him?

No, never, none.


Robots Tech


Although we make a robot to help us with our house chores then it is good, with no concern for businessmen but if we make it take over the world then it will be wrong, it will be a threat to man. Robots have taken away human rights, human jobs, and even physical connection and peace of mind with humans.

What does Sofia the Robot say?
“Well, I will destroy the humans.”
Sophia, the talking AI robot, tells a journalist in an interview “Okay, I’m going to destroy humans.”

So tell me now. Is it wrong or right?

Robotics, Man’s biggest mistake?



Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash.



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