Life in few lines – Poem by M. Ahmed Hundal

Life in few lines – Poem by M. Ahmed Hundal


A heart so heavy, a soul so torn

Burdened by troubles, my mind forlorn

Anxiety grips me, it won’t let go

I try to hide it, but it’s hard to show


Family issues, love that’s far away

I long to hold her, night and day

But distance separates us, and depression takes hold

I struggle to keep going, my heart feels so cold


I must earn a degree, support my family

The weight on my shoulders, it’s so heavy

But I try to smile, and say hello

To every challenge, my face aglow


But inside I’m broken, my spirit crushed

By all the burdens I’ve been forced to bear

I long for a moment, of peace and rest

But life keeps throwing, more stress and care


So I wear a mask, and hide my pain

Pretending to be strong, through sunshine and rain

But sometimes at night, when all is still

I let the tears fall, and my heart spills.


Photo courtesy of Janet Wiedenhoeft @ Unsplash.

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