Last goodbye in cherry blossom: Poem by Elsa Ish

Last goodbye in cherry blossom: Poem by Elsa Ish


I came to greet everyday,
And I left memoire everyday,
Infinite emotions live here,
I am standing alone with self verily,
Willing to hold myself barely,
Can’t just say good bye this harshly.

Gather sadness and leave it behind,
Make a free replacement of crystals behind,
It take long path to break but u can,
Nothing left just last good bye sadly,
Whispers are holding themselves near blossom,
Because its a grave near blossom.

With cold breeze I will fly,
You will be alone’ and I will be sorrowful,
Will you be solitary not having me,
Spare me if I hurt you for leaving,
Sorry for not having fairytale ending,
Wherever I go you will be in my heart.

Take me in cold breeze with you,
More then dazed ocean one day is end of us,
Flaws along pink and white take them as me,
I am just a memory so take me,
Left sadness take pink and white blossom,
And welcome this blossom along with cherry blossom.





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