Faysal Islamic Bank Operations Review

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Faysal Islamic Bank Operations Review



Faysal Bank  Ltd (“Bank”) was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3, 1994 as a public quoted company listed on the Karachi and Lahore stock exchanges. The six Pakistani branches of Faysal Islamic Bank od Bahrain E.C. amalgamated with the bank when it commenced business operations effective January 1,1995.



The bank has been incorporated with an authorized share capital of Rs 1.5 billion of which Rs 1.210 billion is issued and paid up. As at Dec 31, 1996 the banks share capital was held by;


Faysal Islamic Bank of Bahrain E.C. (FIBB) including its nominee directors        60%


NIT, General Public and employees                                                                                                40%



The bank has 11 branches, 3 at Karachi, 2 at Lahore, 1 each in Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta and Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.






We strive to be a world class multi-purpose financial institution providing a range of services, working on Shariah Principles. Our endeavor for excellence continues.




  • Translate the spirit of Shariah into modern Financial products and services.
  • Maintaining a high reputation for prudence in the financial community.
  • Developing our operational infrastructure, system architecture and business strategy, focused customer needs, with whom we endeavor to share our success.
  • Practicing the culture that each staff member is not a mere personnel number, but part of one family, treating each other with respect. We insist on quality training and management development programmes.
  • Reflecting high standards of integrity, propriety, goodwill and team work in our conduct, within the family and in the market place.





Rupees in Millions


Rupees in Millions



1.       Paid-up Capital 1,210 1,100 10
2.     Shareholders’ Equity 2,215 2,107 5
3.     Total Assets 17,738 12,004 48
4.      Financing 10,839 7,106 52
5.      Investments 3,658 2,141 71
6.      Deposits 12,769 7,477 71
7.      Profit before Taxation 697 402 73
8.      Profit after taxation 382 280 36






Rupees in Millions


Rupees in Millions



Earning per Share 3.16 2.55 24
Return on assets 2.15 2.33 -8
Deposit/ Financing Ratio 84.88 95.04 -11
Deposit/ Equity Ratio 5.76 3.55 62
Income/ Expense Ratio 3.11 2.55 22
Revenue per Employee 3.43 2.59 32






Deposit mobilization is and will remain a major initiative in the coming years. During 1996, a very healthy increase in deposits of 71% was achieved. It was mainly due to Consumer Banking initiative launched in mid 1995. The bank also successfully launched another product, Rozana Monafa Plus in early June., which was targeted towards tapping individual deposits by offering to enhance value through a monthly disbursement facility.


Consumer banking initiatives in the pipeline are “24 hour banking facility” through tele-banking and ATMs, a branded foreign currency account launch and consumer asset programme.




In 1995 Risk Management Group was formed to ensure that the rapid growth of the portfolio is managed in an orderly and professional manner. Target marketing approach continued to be the mainstay of planned portfolio of growth.




Faysal Bank continues to make the prescribed liquidity requirement by making investments only in Sharia’s compatible instruments. The bank has engaged a full time Sharia’a Auditor to monitor the operations of the bank from the Sharia’a point of view


Review of operations

In the face of new realities of demands of the marketplace, the group undertook major

re-engineering initiatives in the year 1996 with a view to further strengthening it as a service oriented organization able to successfully meeting the new challenges of the fast changing time.


The steps taken in the year were directed at:


1)generating better environment for positive corporate culture.

2)fine-tuning norms and standards.

3)restructuring internal corporate groups, focusing on enhanced performance and management processes, and

4)getting employees merged into highly motivated teams charged with corporate spirit and purpose, winning trust by sharing their knowledge and skills and developing excellence

through leadership, teamwork and accountability.


Corporate banking group(CBG)


The CBG provides a wide range of Islamic financial services to local and international

corporate clients. The group has advised clients on mergers , acquisitions and international strategies and processes in conjunction with CMG, its key assignments handled during the year included advice and negotiation behalf of clients for the acquisition of an international commercial bank, industrial establishments and a group of leasing companies.


Capital Markets  Group ‘CMG’


The CMG was formed in pursuance of the group’s policy concentrating on lucrative investment opportunities to its clients while enhancing yield on its own investments together with diversification of risk. The CMG manages an in-house international equities portfolio. On the strength of its highly profitable track record , it is planned to expand this activity in 1997.In order to smooth out market volatility , the portfolio provides for building of internal reserves.


The Gulf  Marketing Group ‘GMG’


The GMG was conceived with a view to obtaining  quality improvement in marketing of the Islamic financial  products and services to clients in the GCC countries. During the year 1996, the following new funds were launched by the GMG raising over US$45 million:

a)Faysal international Real Estate Fund

b)Faysal Investment Fund

c)Makkah Al Mukarammah Real Estate Fund, and

d)Faysal Saudi Real Estate Fund no.2



Financial Institutions Group ‘FIG’


The FIG manages the investment of the groups liquid and quasi-liquid funds in islamically

acceptable modes .In particular, the FIG offers Islamic short term funding facilities to other Islamic financial institutions .The group also offers its cooperation to other   financial

institutions in issuing class ‘B’ shares as a new product to be traded in the market.


Systems and Technology ‘IT’


Systems and technology are of greater importance in the sense that the requirements of its operations are well extended and explanatory. Each client account is separately managed in terms of its respective matching assets being in the form of

a separate balance sheet. The group has   and continues to invest heavily in IT to facilitate maximum information availability for the clients as well as its own management


Strategic Alliances

The group maintained its active cooperation with the accounting and auditing organization for Islamic financial institutions ‘AAOIFI’ in the formulation and adoption of accounting and auditing standards .The group has taken a lead in implementation of the standards at the group in accordance with the AAOIFI pronouncements.


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