Faiz’s Ek ‘Rahguzar Par’ Poem and GCU Lahore

GCU Lahore - Faiz

GCU Lahore


Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s extremely early ghazal ‘Ek Rahguzar Par’ could very possibly be a poem he penned at GCU Lahore, probably inspired by the road visited by all Ravians.

کسی زمانے میں اِس راہ گزر سے گزرا تھا

بصد غرور و تجمل ادھر سے گزرا تھا

No other poet comes close to Faiz in Romanticism, and this poem unsurprisingly remains the most graceful expression of beauty of beloved.

Also download this sung by Abida Parveen’s Woh Jis Ki Deed Mai Lakhon Musaratin Pinhaan at link below.



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