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Salespeople at ANZ are not only responsible for individual customers; that is account management, but are also responsible for a group of accounts; that is territory management. Territory management is the first step in moving form selling to managing.


A sales manager at ANZ is first and foremost expected to know how to use time efficiently and to provide guidance to salespeople so that they also make the most productive use of their time. Thus developing territories is the starting point for this critical management activity.


At ANZ the first step taken involves breaking down of the firm’s customer base so that the account can be well serviced by individual salespersons. This is the most important responsibility of the sales management.





All sales personnel must be aggressive in sales. Sales personnel are expected to chase orders and not  wait for them. This can only be achieved when:


  1. They make their daily targets of sales . The target should be discussed with sales manager before each is set. Review of the visits should be made the same day by the meeting between the visiting sales executive and sales manager. It is important to learn any new and/or bad experience in the market and should be sorted the same day so that the executives are better equipped the next day.
  1. Sales executive must have full knowledge of the target he has to sell. He must be able to communicate the company’s policy and also make commitments on behalf of the company such that company optimizes from the commitment.
  1. Preparation of visits and meetings should be made before hand. Strategy should be outlined clearly and must be communicated to the sales manager. It is a must that the visits must be according to a pre-planned schedule until and unless required.
  1. Information about prospects is a necessity for the sales officer. He should not be dependent on the customer to be communicated of the his need.
  1. Sales executive should be equipped to solve the customer problem within the company’s policy.
  1. Officers should be constantly analyzing the market and screening out the competitor’s strategy. Their judgment should not only be based on customer’s feedback but should be a sum factor of all variables. Manager should be updated regularly of his actions based on his judgments.



Every sales executive would be given performance objectives at the beginning of the year, or when taking over a new position. These would be discussed and mutually agreed between the supervisor and the employee. They will be used for annual appraisals.


  • At the end of the each year human resource department will send the performance appraisals form to supervisors/managers for the employees working under them.


  • The supervisors would appraise the each employee against the objectives given at the start of the year.


  • Both the appraise and the appraiser are suppose to write their comments on the appraisal forms.


  • The HRD is suppose to receive the forms from the supervisor and file them in the employees personal files.


  • The HRD will prepare the summary for each department which will be reviewed by the NSM.


Following are the guidelines for Recruitment and Selection of Sales Personnel:


  • All vacancies must be budgeted and approved by the NSM. Approval will be given according to the manpower standard modified from time to time.


  • Supervisor should fill out the “PERSONNEL REQUISITION FORM”, and send it to Human Resource Department. If vacancy is not approved, HRD will notify the concerned branch through the NSM.



  • Human Resource Department will internally advertise the vacant position on the notice boards of all company locations.


  • All existing employees fulfilling the recruitment can apply directly to HRD.


  • Human Resource Department will scrutinize all applications received from existing employees. Applicant meeting requirements will be interviewed by the supervisor making the requisition. If Applicant is acceptable then applicant’s supervisor will be informed to prepare replacement.


  • If suitable candidate is not available internally, HRD will search its data bank. If no suitable applicant is found in the data bank, the vacancy will be advertised in the newspaper.


  • Human Resource Department will prepare the advertisement and get it approved by the initiating manager/supervisor, and place it in the Sunday’s newspaper. Branch cannot give advertisement in newspaper without the approval of the HRD.


  • All applicants will be received and scrutinized by Human Recourse Department and short listed applicants will be called for interview.


  • Applicants will be interviewed by Human Resource Department or, its nominee (Interview Evaluation Form), and if anyone is found suitable he will be sent to the concerned Manager/ Supervisor for final interview.


  • The initiating department will interview the applicant (Interview Evaluation Form is to be used) and inform Human Resource whether the applicant is acceptable or not.


  • Human Resource Department or its nominee will inform the applicant about the final decision.


  • Human Resource Department will prepare the appointment letter after following documents are received. No appointment will be made without the N. I. C.


  1. Application Form, completely filled.
  2. Two passport size photographs.
  3. Photocopy of National Identity Card, all degrees/ certificates, and experience certificates.
  4. Interview evaluation form with detail of grade, salary, designation and other benefits finalized.


  • HRD will send the appointment letter to the concerned manager / supervisor who will deliver it to the new employee. A copy will be sent to Accounts at the head office for inclusion of new employee in the payroll.


  • Joining report is to filled out on the first day. Both the new employee and his supervisor / Manager must sign on it and send it to Human Resource Department along with a copy of appointment letter signed by the new employee as acceptance.



Human Resource Department is overall responsible for arranging various types of training to company personnel. However for specific job related training the concerned Head of Department has to ensure it either through his own personnel or through the help of HRD.



It is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor/ manager of a new employee to prepare an orientation program for the new employee and give it to him on the first day. Supervisor/ Manager has to make sure that the new employee becomes productive in minimum time by becoming aware of his responsibilities.



All Sales executives must acquire complete product knowledge before going out in the field or handling any customer. Regular courses on product knowledge will be conducted by HRD while launching any new product. National Sales Manager will initiate the requirement. In case any changes / modifcations are made to any existing products , it will be the responsibility of the concerned Sales Manager to show it to all the sales officers.



National Sales Manager will be responsible to compile the requirements of sales & marketing training by having meetings with the sales managers and his personal observations. This requirement will be given to HRD, which will design or arrange a training program.



As a policy, ANZ continues to develop its Human Resource by On-The-Job and class room training. Every department head is responsible to identify training needs of his department and send it to HRD for arranging the same.



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