Struggle with thoughts and Acceptance: By Shahreen Khalid

Struggle with thoughts and Acceptance: By Shahreen Khalid

Sometimes, it’s really hard to control our thoughts. It takes a while to change its direction. It’s a self-struggle that has to be done alone. No one understands the situation we are going through and what’s going on in our heads. It’s the most difficult part when we want to communicate but can’t. We couldn’t find the right words to explain the emotions we have been or going through. Silent suffering starts from here. Sometimes our feeling creates hell for us. Hell is an illusion that ends after completing the cycle.


To block unnecessary thoughts, it’s a fight within ourselves. Sometimes we need a break from them. Struggling with them is hard and nothing is wrong with us. Everything in life comes in a cycle. Rather it’s love, hate, or emotional breakdown. Everything has to complete the cycle and then goes away and when something happens to us, it takes so much from us but also gives much more to us.


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Sometimes we are not ready to accept something. It may be a mishap or a failure. Then the cycle of pain starts here when we behave stubbornly. Sometimes we know the truth but we are not ready to embrace it, after facing it we have to pass the heartbreak. We also need acceptance while dealing with people. Accept the changes they have while growing. Accept their behavior and the way they are. The more you accept, the more you will be at ease. The more comfortable you are, sometimes acceptance needs time and space. Negativity completes its cycle like law and then you come to know the meaning of accepting people as the way they are.


“To find the rose you have to fight with the bush” same as to find comfort, you have to be uncomfortable and life is not like a transparent sheet, you have to pass the reflection for the perfect view. When you struggle for yourself, it will never be wasted. It always pays off but the needle of time continues to thrive.


At the same time, we strive to feel full, to get love from our loved ones, We killed ourselves many times, and yes, we are surviving. That’s life and perfectly fine. Striving and struggling are holy things.




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