Poem by Urooj Nisar

Breaking free

You never made me feel special
Yet i chased you like a fool
You took me for granted
But how long this could go on
So l left as i felt stupid
I broke free from the shackels


Yes i left you
But i never moved on
I broke the connection
But i could not froget
That was my fallacy
I was veing delusional
But i will not come back
Now it is the matter of ego


Love transcends the death
But that’s contingent upon sincerity
Connection is unbreakable
If it is free from selfishness
Getting what you desire is not love
But letting it go for the one you love is
Happiness is having one in the heart
Seeing the one smiling & kicking
Yes, love transcends death
But if it is bounded by sincerity


Awaiting the future
Excitement and listlessness
Indulging in what is coming
Letting go of what it was
That’s the key to life
Always moving forward

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